Organisation is our speciality; we have a proven track record of supporting logistics companies. We can maintain the professionalism and high qualities of work as expected in the logistics industry. We have an experienced team who work together to liaise with customers and suppliers, and we also have experience working with high end logistics companies, in the UK. The team understands the expectations of working in logistics along with the sales invoicing processes and the supplier invoices, working with drivers and other suppliers.

Do you have self-employed drivers sub-contracting for you? We can also provide support to your sub-contractors, such as creating invoices for them, dealing with payment queries, helping them to register for self-employment, gathering evidence of self-employment, etc. This will assist with your financial records and ensure that if you were to be inspected there are processes in place to limit liability. We can also prepare sales and purchasing records, kept for accounting purposes.

Our track record for credit control within logistics is exemplary, working with customers to resolve queries and ensure payment is made in a timely manner.

Support for logistics can be offered daily, weekly or monthly, we can be flexible to meet the needs of your logistics firm.


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