Good administration procedures can help with planning and executing marketing strategies. We specialise in building contact databases and producing marketing campaigns, supporting your plans for business growth. Some examples are:


At networking events, exhibitions, enquiry meetings, client meetings, and from recommendations, you will gain valuable business cards and contact details. This information is no use if you do nothing with it…

We can build a contact database for you to use to enhance all of your marketing plans and campaigns. Use the contacts you gain, make contacts for a reason and remind them who you are and what your company does…


Email marketing is a strong tool to use in your business. Once you have a contact database it is important that you use this to your business’s advantage. We can send email campaigns to all of your contacts, from your allocated email address, as often as you see necessary in order to keep in touch with all you valuable contacts and remind them about your business. You could send monthly newsletters, special offers, promotional items, specific marketing for a product of service, event details, etc. We can also arrange the design of an e-flyer specifically for your campaign, which then can be used in other marketing campaigns.


Have you ever thought about texting your customers with reminders, news, offers or events? We know how important it is for you to keep in touch with customers past, present and future! We can help by using specific SMS marketing techniques to contact your database of contacts whenever it suits your business. For example, you could send specific trade information, offers, events, special promotions, coupon codes, reminders, etc.


Communication is key in business, and what better way to keep in touch with your contacts than calling them with regular updates? Telephone marketing is not selling, it is simply calling your contacts to give them information about a new product or service, or an event you’re holding, or an offer you have on at that moment, etc. These calls will only be made to contacts which you have already established business relationships with, for example, current or previous customers, potential clients, friends in business, etc.


Social Media is an excellent way of advertising your business and keeping up to date with local trends and potential customers. It is a very effective marketing tool for all different types businesses, where you can build strong social relationships with past, present and future clients. We can set up your social media network, for example home pages on linked in, twitter, Facebook and google local and google plus, etc. which will increase your business profile, both locally and nationally.


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